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Brother's Wish Genealogy Service will undertake any kind of genealogical research. We can trace whole families of ancestors (assuming the records exist), or just those you're interested in. Some clients want just a single question answering, such as the name of a grandfather or great-grandfather. Others want every branch carefully traced, in order to construct an enormous family tree, stretching back through time. We can also trace living relatives if you're interested, and we've had the pleasure of introducing people to cousins they never knew existed!


Whatever type of genealogical research you want doing, we can do it. We will work with you on a personal basis, not for you in a detached and officious way. Genealogy is the type of research that requires constant communication and networking and we, at Brother's Wish, want you to be as much a part of the process as you want to. Combined knowledge solves mysteries!


As a natural result of this attitude, you're kept right up-to-date with the latest developments in the research and you can choose to focus on different branches or mysteries as your imagination demands!

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