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"Brother's Wish has been a wonderful source of family information for me. Saul has not only provided a wealth of family data for me, but has done it in a timely and gracious manner. Over a period of several months, he located family birth and death certificates and, just as valuable, informed me as to what records do not exist, thereby saving me countless, frustrating hours of fruitless research. In addition, he even located my great-grandfather's unmarked grave and offered to coordinate the dedication of a grave marker. This is "service above and beyond"!  I am happy to recommend Brother's Wish."


Judy Tasoff

New Jersey

December 2006




"I approached the use of a professional genealogist with a little trepidation, not least because I was venturing into the unknown, but also because I was worried that, with only one quarter Jewish blood, I might be seen as intruding into a closed Jewish world.


Saul could not have been more helpful, gracious and supportive and there was never any question of this being a 'Jews-only' enterprise. The ease with which he unearthed all the details and traced two of my grandparental branches back to the early 19th century was astonishing.  He was quick yet thorough, exceptionally helpful – and very reasonable in the charging department! I would recommend the services of Brother’s Wish to anyone looking for help in producing a family tree or just tracing one particular ancestor."


Brian Forster


August 2007




"When Saul began researching my family history, he found out more in an hour than another expert found over four months. His enthusiasm for each individual project is boundless and infectious. He knows his way around all the relevant databases on the Internet and made my own family tree come alive!"


Lauren Booth

Journalist & broadcaster


August 2007




"When I asked Saul to research my family tree, I did not expect him to be able to go back very far, as my grandparents came from Russia, Poland and Lithuania. He amazed me by going back to the early 1800s and, in the process, discovered that most of my male ancestors and their siblings were rabbis, something which I will have to live up to! If you are looking to trace your ancestors, I highly recommend Saul and his company, Brother's Wish."


Ivor Felton


April 2008




"We would strongly recommend Brother's Wish to anybody researching their Jewish family history. In the case of my wife and me, many interesting relations have 'popped up' and it has enabled us to make contact with other 'lost' blood relatives in several other countries."


Rex Lawrence


July 2008




"I would like to thank you for your help in tracing my family history. Delighted with the efficiency, speed, and courtesy. There is no way that I could have found the details without your help. Thank you again."


Monty Miers


November 2008




"I would like to recommend Saul to anyone looking for relatives in Poland. He is able to find them quickly and efficiently. I was very grateful and would recommend him anytime. It was a real pleasure working with him."


Dita Rowland


November 2009




"When my adoptive parents passed away I started a search for my birth mother. Several years later I approached Saul and asked him to assist me with the search. Within a week, Saul had established that she had passed away. I then asked him to find my half-siblings. I gave him the information from my own research and we found the man who was most likely to be my birth father. After many phone calls and letters Saul started to get responses from both the maternal and paternal sides of my ‘new’ families. I am now in touch with uncles on my maternal side and half-brothers and half-sisters on my paternal side, and relationships are developing fast and positively. From one e-mail and a first conversation with Saul, so much has emerged. Saul is humorous, professional and very responsive. His charges are more than reasonable."


Richard Parry


January 2014




"I would like to say a big thank you for all you have done to find my dad. I had tried to search for him years ago, to no avail, so not for one minute did I think you could help me, but maybe put me in touch with someone who could.


But, every step of the way, you kept me informed. And, true to your word, and with the help of Bruce in New Zealand, you found my dad’s family (although he had sadly passed away).


I can’t thank you and your company enough."


Irene Griffiths


June 2014




"One of the boys in my class at school named Michael was killed tragically in a road accident age 10 in 1955.  It was a great shock to us all; he was a kind, intelligent and mature boy who was well-liked.  In particular, he used to talk affectionately about his little brother, who used to make him laugh.  Just a few weeks before Michael was killed, we had a formal class photograph taken, but I never noticed whether anyone in the class took a form to give to Michael's parents, so they might have a copy of the photo.


Years later, I still had no idea if they had ever seen it so I made a copy of mine and knowing Michael was from a Jewish family, I contacted Saul in the hope that he could find Michael's brother.

It turned out Saul knew Michael's cousin personally, but he revealed that Michael's brother had also been killed in a road accident as a young man!  However, their mother is still alive and Michael's cousins were able to pass the photo on to her.  She phoned me a few days later to thank me and it was a real privilege to speak to her.  I would never have believed that a mother could have so much tragedy in her life but at least I was able to give her something pertaining to Michael that she had, indeed never seen."


Jean Jones


August 2014




"My mother had never met her biological father which meant I had not met my grandfather. His last known address was in Liverpool (UK) but, although I tried my best from here in New Zealand, I had no luck.


I searched for genealogists in Liverpool on the internet and found Brother’s Wish, so I gave Saul a call. Within hours/days he had sent me plenty of information and places to start searching.


I trusted Saul to approach my long-lost family members personally on behalf on myself to let them know they had family searching for them. Unfortunately, my grandfather had died in recent years, but we now have regular contact with his two other children.


Overall, I found Brother’s Wish to be an excellent and efficient service and would recommend it to anybody in the same situation as me."


Ryan Hiko

Mosgiel, New Zealand

January 2015








As with most businesses, the best way to get an accurate impression of the service is by word of mouth. Here are some words from the mouths of some of our clients: