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We ask all clients to agree in writing (or by e-mail) to our Terms of Service before starting work on a case, so that everyone knows exactly where they stand. All estimates at Brother's Wish are free, so please don't be hesitant to ask questions. Feel free to write, phone or e-mail: all the contact details you need are on the Contact Us page.






Genealogical Work


1. Work will commence only after the client has accepted these Terms of Service.


2. Brother’s Wish Genealogy Service will carry out research as agreed with the client but cannot guarantee success, as this is often dependent on external factors.


3. Genealogical information provided by the client to Brother’s Wish Genealogy Service as part of the basis of research will be taken as accurate. Brother’s Wish Genealogy Service will not be held responsible for research undertaken on the basis of inaccurate or incorrect information provided by the client.




4. The fee for all work carried out by Brother’s Wish Genealogy Service is £33.00 per hour, charged in increments of five minutes, at £2.75 per increment.


5. The client is encouraged to set an initial limit on expenditure, to be revised as research proceeds.


Chargeable Time


6. Chargeable time includes:


a. time spent engaged in any form of genealogical research, in                 any location;

b. time spent creating and updating draft and/or finalised family               trees, either as working documents or for the client;

c. time spent creating and updating any presentation materials                as agreed with the client;

d. time spent in telephone calls involving the client or third                     parties;

e. time spent in electronic or postal correspondence with the                  client or third parties;

f.  time spent in travel to and from a location.




7. The following expenses will be charged to clients where applicable to the case in question:


a.  documents purchased by Brother’s Wish Genealogy Service;

b. printing or photocopying fees incurred by Brother’s Wish                       Genealogy Service at outside locations;

c. professional fees incurred by Brother’s Wish Genealogy                         Service;

d.  bank fees arising from bank transfers made from non-British                 banks;

e.  private travel by car (at £0.50 per mile).




8. The client may opt to receive informal updates as to their outstanding balance by e-mail, telephone or post, as part of ongoing correspondence, in lieu of formal invoices.


9. Formal invoices must be paid within 28 days from the date on the invoice.


10. Brother’s Wish Genealogy Service reserves the right to take legal action against any client who does not pay an invoice.


Methods of Payment


11. Payment is only accepted in Pounds Sterling.


12. Payment may be made by any of the following methods:


a. cheque (made payable to Brother’s Wish Genealogy Service);

b. postal order (made payable to Brother’s Wish Genealogy                    Service);

c. bank transfer (bank details available on request);

d. Western Union;

e. PayPal (attracts an additional 5% charge to cover                              commission).


13. Cash payment is also accepted, although Brother’s Wish Genealogy  Service takes no responsibility for the safe transit of cash, which is  sent at the client’s own risk.


Social Media


14. Brother’s Wish Genealogy Service publicises its casework on its Twitter feed. Case reference numbers are used in order to fully protect the anonymity of its clients. No information which could lead to the identification of living individuals is ever posted on social media.




Brother’s Wish Genealogy Service


16 March 2018

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